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"To participate in Anira's transcending and liberating dance course and other workshops have given me a free space where I can breathe out, let go and just be ME from the depths of my beeing.
Anira has a rare ability to get the truth and life-awakening energies out of people. She is clear and straight - warm and open. Her voice and guidance opens up channels to both heavenly, earthly and bodily energies within us.
Peace, joy and acceptance of all of me are the key words !!!!"
From one of the participants in Anira's workshops.

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The womb yourney! 28 September 2018. 3-6 pm.

Now it is time for us women to pay attention to, and to call home ourselves to the wisdom, the source of life, the power, the healing and the love found in our holiest place, our source, our womb, our portal, vulva, pussy or whatever divine name we put on that beautiful place.
This 3-hour workshop is a journey into her, through meditation, guidance, healing, reconciliation, movement and purification work. You will come closer to what is your holy portal, wake up to your true power in the body of a women, and be given the opportunity to move on from whatever that didn’t come from love.
Warmly welcome to everyone that finally wants to start listening to your body or for those who want to deepen the contact with the source and the holy portal in you. We create a safe and holy place, in a small group, where all feelings are welcome.

Investment; 500 kr, unemployed, sick leave, retirees or students 350 kr.

My name is Anira Möller, I'm educated as a counselor and has attended a full year of training in "Zen-Coaching" with deepening in Mindfulness. I've been doing the "ISTA" sacred sexual somathic healing practitioner training and "TRE® -tension, stress and trauma release exercises practitioner training" and also one year of "Liberating movement, somathic and ectatic dance training". So for the last twenty five years I've been practicing, taking courses, deepening my study and developing tools for personal growth, spiritual guidance, body healing, mental training, tension-, stress and trauma release, the art of being the creator of one's life, group dynamics, mindfulness, embodiment, empowerment, cognitive approach and sacred sexualuality, sexual somathic bodywork and tantra. I'm so happy to serve you!

Book your spot at 0046-768245810 or anir@beflownow.com

Balance Dance ~ Dance your way home to yourself!

"You are living energy in motion and stillness!
You are an intact, vibrant, perfect, divine being who has the ability to dance every cell, muscle, thought and energy in Balance NOW! In this free expression you are whole! Everyone can do it. This is our true nature!"

Anira uses  Balance Dance as a tool to set You free, release tensions and blockages, balance your body, support you in self-love and body awareness, practice mindfulness, experience love, joy, ecstasy, relaxation and reprogram your limited belief system.

You can join a group session, invite Anira to your own group or as a guest to your own workshop, or  book your own individual dance session with her, especially designed for you. Enjoy!

Balance Dance was created by Anira eight years ago as a tool for people to integrate and balance the physical reality and the esoteric realm within theirs physical bodies. Anira is a creative Dance leader and coach in personal development. She uses guidance through movement/ dance, and mindfulness as an integral tool for people to rise above their imagined limitations, open up their natural flow, find a home in the body and become one with that which is their true nature!Anira has group-sessions in Balance Dance every second week in Mellbystrand on the south west coast of Sweden. 

Write in the form below if you´re interested of joining Balance Dance in one way or another. You can also contact me via phone 0046 768245810/ 0046 430 28488 or email: anira@beflownow.com
You can find all of the upcoming events in the Calendar. If you would like Anira to come to your place, visit your course/ workshop or have a private session, contact her in the form bellow.

Step into the Power of Now! Spirit in Body!
Let your body reign ~ be the witness of your own creation.
With love ~Anira.

Mindfulness in everyday life

~Explore the preciousness of every single Now!
Next workshop is 22/5 14.00 - 18.00 2017 in Mellbystrand.

Would you like to learn how to live more in the precious moment? Are you interested in finding tools that will help you to create inner peace, balance, strength and energy in everyday life? Do you long to accept every moment as it is and change what can be changed in a way that serves you?
This is the workshop for you.

The workshop includes mindfulness training in movement and stillness, group coaching, exercises and theory for you to be able to live mindfully in your everyday life!

The workshops are led by Anira Möller. Anira is a trained zen-coach and social worker and has over fifteen years of experience in meditation and mindfulness.

I also invite you to book a private mindfulness session if you prefer. Please fill in the form below, call 0046 43028488/ 0046 768245810 or email anira@beflownow.com.

"In every now, there is an opening to fully create the moment. To be able to fully create, you need to be exactly where you are - at home inside of yourself and totally present in that particular moment. There you will find the most amazing opportunity for transformation. There you are the creator." ~Anira

"From the now you can create. From the now you can heal. From being present, seeing and accepting this specific moment just the way it is you have the capacity to fully create every single moment ahead just the way your heart wants it! Explore your capacity as a spiritual creator in a human form!" ~Anira

Create your life consciously
~ a Workshop/ teaching to explore your true potential as a divine creator!

Workshop i Mellbystrand, Sweden 10/7 2016 14.00-20.00

How would it be if you could create your life just as you want it?
How would it feel if you walked every step of your path consciously based on your heart's desire?
How would it feel to earn how to  live in alignment with your full potential?
Curious? Then this is the day for you!

It is a half day journey that includes mindfulness training, group coaching, exercises, theory and mental training. We will be working in a small group where you will have the opportunity to explore that which  is most important to you.

The workshop/ teaching is led by Anira Moller from Levaverkstan/ BeFlowNow. Anira is a trained zen-coach and social worker. She has over twenty years of experience in personal development. Since Levaverkstan started five years ago many people have  begun to create their lives more consciously, and reach their full potential with the help of Anira's coaching.

If you are interested in the workshop or if you prefer individual coaching; fill in the form below or contact Anira at: anira@beflownow.com.
You can also call 0046 430 28488 / 0046 768 245810.

You are warmly welcome to explore the potential of every NOW!

Find your inner guidence and full power energy ~ workshop 13/3 2016 14.00-18.00

All the guidance you need for all your choices in life is within you. The healing power that can help you to find harmony, balance, flow and health are also deep inside of you. It is time to call home yourself to yourself and start living from your inner guidance and power.
Release the doubt, anxiety, fear, stress, and heedlessness and start to LIVE!
In this workshop we will learn simple ways in our everyday lives to find our own inner guidance and healing power. We learn how to acknowledge what serves us and what doesn’t serve us, ask the body what kind of food and care it needs, tune in to what feels good in our lives and what has to be changed. We learn simple keys to truly live the life that makes us feel good and create good for ourselves.

Registration is done in the form on this website, by mail anira@beflownow.com or at tel. +46 43028488 / +46 768245810. Investment 450: -. Do you need any other kind of deal, I'm open to it.

This workshop is led by Anira Möller from Be Flow Now. Anira is an inspiring workshop leader and coach who through her deep and broad expertise in personal development and inner growth can make you fully live in a way that make your heart rejoice . She is a trained social worker and mindfulness coach, but has its most prominent asset in hers profoundly intuitive ability.

Welcome to a day for you!

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You were born of power, you are the power, power is what runs your veins and move you on. You might be afraid of it, avoid it, abandon it, hide from it and fear it. Just don't let your fears run your show. You're here to shine, take your place and be the God/Godess warrior of Devine power's that you are. Love as hurt never existed, speak your truth as if there was now punishment and trust in life to support you each step!! With love ~Anira #trustinlife #fight #godess #god #yourway #power #surrender #trust #speakyourtruth #shine #rebellion #love #freedom #truth #sunlight #beflownow #levaverkstan #spirituality #personalgrowth #home #personligutveckling #anira
Be conscious of what kind of magic spells you put in your mouth every day ❤. Speak #selflove , speak #truth , speak #lovingwords , speak #whatyouwant , speak #fromyourheart and speak what you want #create . With love #anira #beflownow #levaverkstan
The medicine of conscious loving touch is beyond measure. Welcome to my clinic. ~Anira #sacredsexuality #healing #tantramassage #consioustouch #love #lovinghands #transformation #medicine #heart #beflownow #levaverkstan #home #anira #personalgrowth
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Breath in the voice of your own existence, the song of magic, love, core, power, freedom, senses, lust and abundance. Free yourself from the empty bucket of holding back. What doesn't serve you will finally dance it's way home to the rhythm of your free spirit and ecstatic open heart. ~ Anira #open #freespirit #home #abundance #freedom #inside #spirituality #water #heart #soul #beflownow #levaverkstan #anira #personalgrowth #health
Breath it, feel it, embrace it, hold it, move through it, love it, heal it, scream it, fly with it, know it and now.. let it go! ❤ ~ Anira #effortlesstransformation #soul #hummingbird #freeyourself #healing #selflove #manifestation #soulfreedom #selfcare #miracles #surrender #personalgrowth #coaching #persinaldevelopment #beflownow #levaverkstan #anira
What's important is what You love, what makes your heart open, your eyes glow, and your smile light up your face. What other people love about you or if they love you at all, doesn't make you to who you are, your inner sparkle does!!! So enjoy and continue keep your heart open to what really matters for you ❤. ~ Anira #love #findingyourpath #hello #life #standupforyourself #youreenough #home #beproud #heart #soul #beflownow #personalgrowth #levaverkstan #anira #spirit #personligutvecking
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Smile.. also today is a day of taste, smell, breath, touch, beauty and the sounds of stillness and diversity. Each moment will teach you to stay fearless in front of the mystery of presence. ~Anira #abundance #heart #senses #fredoom #mindfulness #remeberwhoyouare #silence #stillness #smile #personalgrowth #personligutvecking #anira #levaverkstan #beflownow
Don't you ever underestimate your true power. You're the fire, the earth, the flood, the storm and heavens delight. Embrace it all before the whispers of "You're not good enough" will turn you blind and trapped in doubts. With Love ~ Anira #truepower, #fire #heavenonearth #free #selflove #revolution #love #freeyourself #truth #beflownow #levaverkstan #tantra #personalgrowth #personligutvecking

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